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This page is as they say 'under construction', as my resources and my time are limited, bear with me for any major changes. If you feel the sudden urge to contact a person who spends his time cruisin' around in a pink car, e-mail me at vlimmere@simplex.nl or vlimmere@concepts.nl.

You can also fill in the Dusk Rose Sighting Report. If you know someone who owns (or if you own) a Dusk Rose Mustang, I'd like to hear from you as well. I plan to use this space to publish virtually everything I'll find out about Dusk Rose Mustangs, so watch this space!

Credits must go to the following people: Marcel Ligthart, for taking the photos on this page, Maarten Avontuur (check out Maarten's homepage) for tempting me into making this page, The guys 'n girls at the Classic Mustangs Mailinglist for additional info, Mr. Michael Gibbons for providing me with fantastic details about this particular car (and for conserving it for over 25 years), The people at Voorend USA Autoparts for additional facts and info, Tony Popish of the Special Order Paint registry (visit him at Horse of a different Color), Melony Clauson, for providing me with excellent photo's of her lovely Dusk Rose convertible 'Rosie' and many other Mustang enthusiasts.

Image from owner's manual Dusk Rose was a Standard Ford Mustang color, but only used in small amounts for a very short time (about 6 months). Mustangs that bear this color can be recognized by the 'S' color code on the Vehicle Data Plate, attached to the door. If you have a '67 Mustang in a slightly different color, but with the 'S' code, it probably began its life as a pink one. The color got it's name 'Dusk Rose' from a '57 Ford Thunderbird color code with the same name. It is not certain (yet) that these two colors are in fact the same. Nobody ever checked, Ford used a number of different pinks throughout the fifties and sixties and the legendary 'Playboy Pink' or 'Playmate Pink', for example, is slightly darker than 'Dusk Rose' and appears to be based on a 50's Lincoln color. So, if you want to repaint a pink Mustang, take care, you might get the wrong color if you don't do your homework properly. (Dusk Rose's Ditzler code is 50470, btw).

According to the Mustang Production Guide, Vol. 2 about 1.1 % of the cars produced in 1967 had the Dusk Rose color. If we take into account that 472,121 '67 Mustangs were built, about 4,700 of them were delivered in this wondrous color. Real life production figures might even be lower if we take into account that rare or strange Mustangs are registered more often than the 'standard' ones (although the extensive list of options ensured that there are no two Mustangs alike).

harbour Harbour view

The Mustang featured in these pictures has been in my possession for the last three years. Before that, it roamed the deserts of the USA for 25 years. Well, 21 years on the street and 4 years inside a garage, at least. The remaining year, the car spent its time floating between the continents and in a dealer's showroom. The car was exported from the USA and Imported in the Netherlands in 1995.


Some technical data (from the original window sticker):

MUSTANG HARDTOP..........$2461.46


BASE 289 2V 8CYL ENGINE... 105.63

SPORTS SPRINT............. 356.09





.695X14-4 PR WSW TIRES


BLACK VINYL ROOF........... 74.36

AM RADIO................... 57.51

TINTED GLASS............... 30.25


TOTAL................... $3226.50

Safety was one of ford's attempts to regain the amount of sales from 1965 - 1966. Here is a list as it was printed on the window sticker:

engine Eek, an engine...

This particular Mustang (7R01C225367) is powered by the optional 'Challenger V8 engine', 4.00 x 2.87, 9.3:1 compression ratio, two barrel carburetor, automatic choke, self-adjusting valves with hydraulic lifters, producing 200hp at 4400 rpm and a 282lbs-ft torque at 2400 rpm. The air-conditioning unit is the original one, although I've seen different versions and colors in other Mustangs. Also note the windshield washer reservoir. This plastic container is a running change, replacing the bag used until january 1967. Some modifications were made, when the car had a major engine-overhaul in the early eighties (after running daily for about 200.000 miles).

The original engine was replaced with a rebuilt Mexican V8. Although Mexican-built V8's are considered good for ship's anchors and doorstops, the alloy used by the Mexicans makes them a lot sturdier than the US-built blocks. That is also the reason why these Mexican blocks were used extensively as a solid basis to build racing engines from.

Apart from its not so usual color, this car is also equipped with the sports sprint package. This package is purely for optical reasons, apart from the airco. It consists of the louvered hood with built-in turn signal indicators, Rocker panel moldings (those long aluminum things below the door between the front and rear wheel), a chrome airfilter cover (see picture above), a bunch of Whitewall tires, the standard '67 wheelcovers and as mentioned before, the air-conditioning unit. There were slight variations in the Sports Sprint package, other tires could be ordered and the SelectAire contioner could be deleted from the list.

Side viewsideview

Front suspension has been rebuilt and new shocks were installed all around, curing some serious squeeks, vibrations and other suspention-related problems, leaving this car with an absolutely smooth ride.





insideThis car has a standard black interior, with the bucket seats. The digital FM-beast visible on this photo has been replaced by an original '67 AM Philco. The steering wheel had the chrome hub ring remounted and the door panels and handles have been replaced. A new package tray was also made and the rear speakers were removed, together with the remains of the old package tray. All window and door rubbers and seals were also replaced, except for the rear window rubbers. The headliner, the floor mats and the vinyl of the bucket seats had been replaced earlier.

It appears that most Dusk Rose cars were equipped with the same black interior. Most Dusk Rose (or former Dusk Rose) Mustangs I know of has a standard black vinyl interior, in one case, a Dusk Rose mustang was fitted with a parchment interior. The majority of the cars also appear to be coupes, equipped with the black vinyl top. The theory that the car was part of a sales promotions is supported by the fact that the cars were ordered by and delivered to dealers before being sold to the first owners. Those 'sale promotion' Mustangs generally have the same, most popular, options fitted, although differences exist. A fair number of people reported that the Airco was not fitted in their cars, nor was the vinyl top. The Mustang on this page was built in june 1967, delivered to the dealer in the same month and sold to the first owner in august. There is also an eye-witness report of someone seeing a dozen or so Dusk Rose mustangs at a Ford Dealer lot in 1967. 'Special Color' sales have been organized before to beef up Mustang sales, but most of them are documented better. If anyone comes across a '67 advert mentioning a 'Dusk Rose' sale, I'd appreciate a report.

Melony Clauson's ultra-rare Dusk Rose Convertible The Mustang pictured here is probably one of the rarest Dusk Rose Mustangs to be found. Although the interior is indeed a standard black one, the car features the Sports Sprint option as well as some details from the exterior decor group. Above that, it's color really makes it stand out. The car was bought from Seattle's Smith Gandy Ford by its first owner. Melony Clauson, the current owner, treated the car to a complete restoration, making it possibly the most beautiful Dusk Rose car in existance today.


This one hit the roads in august 1967, one of the last Dusk Rose cars produced.A recent discovery, this august 1967 Dusk Rose 200hp six. As you can see, the car lacks a vinyl top. It's the first one I know of with a straight six instead of the more common V8's. Note the chrome aircleaner filter housing.

The 200hp straight six has already had some attention.

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