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Phase 315 of WOIIFTM censorship.

What was censored, altered or just different (text/music) on the vinyl and CD versions compared to the 1986 WOIIFTM/LG twofer CD drums & bass remix? (the LP from the Old Masters Box and Lumpy Money CD2 have the same 1986 remix!).

If your CD's or vinyl versions differ from my findings please mail me the differences at hades at westbrabant.net
Thanks for the trouble, Harry

A. On all vinyl/cd's (except the 1986 remix):

  1. In "Harry, You're a Beast" (side 1): the lines "Don't come in me, in me (4x)" were censored and played partially forwards, partially backwards, and shuffled. The lyrics on all of the albums read "censored, censored ...".
  2. In "Mother People" (side 2): the lines "Better look around before you say you don't care,  Shut your fuckin' mouth about the length of my hair, How would you survive If you were alive, Shitty little person?" were cut and replaced with "Lemme take a minute and tell you my plan, Lemme take a minute and tell who I am, If it doesn't show,  Think you better know, I'm another person". 
    The cut lines were played backwards in the track "Hot Poop" on the “normal censored” versions (see C.1) But even there the word "fucking" is cut!. 
    The lyrics on all of the sleeves (vinyl & CD's) read: "the verse that really goes here has been censored out & recorded backwards in a special section at the end of side one".
  3. In "Who Needs the Peace Corps?" (side 1): at the end of the song after the (spoken words) “And I will stay there with them, And I will get the crabs, But I won't care” the word “because . . .” is missing. On the WOIIFTM outtakes Frank says “Because, because, because …….”.

B. Some vinyl is called "heavily censored" because in:

  1. "Who Needs the Peace Corps?" the line "I will love the police as they kick the shit out of me on the street" was cut (side 1).
  2. "Absolutely Free" the word "balling" was cut in the line "I won't do publicity balling for you anymore" (side 1).
  3. "Absolutely Free" - the words "flower power sucks" were cut (side 1).
  4. "Let's Make the Water Turn Black" - the lines "And I still remember Mama with her apron and her pad, feeding all the boys at Ed's Cafe/ Whizzing and pasting and pooting through the day ... " were cut (side 2). But the lyrics were still on all the sleeves.

C. Two versions of Hot Poop (side 1):

  1. The "normal censored" vinyl and CD (and the 1986 remix) have Gary Kellgren's whispering  and the cut out verse of Mother People (played backwards) and a snork with the word "fucking" cut (even on the 1986 remix).
  2. On the "heavily censored" vinyl" it has only Gary Kellgren's whispering + a different snork.
    The backwards verse “Better look around etc. …” from "Mother People" is not there (cut?) (see A.2) According to the lyrics on the sleeve it is supposed to be there.
    On Lumpy Money CD3 is a track called "Intelligent design". The last 16 seconds of this track are exactly the same as this track including the snork.
    Funny thing is that "Hot Poop" on vinyl is allways timed as 0:16. This might be the original track before Zappa edited the cut out verse in.

D. Three versions of the Velvet Underground line in "Concentration Moon” (side 1):

  1. "Also, at the same time, I get to work with the Velvet Underground, which is as shitty a group as Frank Zappa's group".
  2. "Also, at the same time, I get to work with the Velvet Underground, Frank Zappa's group". Actually Charles Ulrich and I hear ".. s Frank Zappa's group"!
  3. The whole line is completely cut.

Lonely little girl:

I noticed that on the 1986 remix just before "All your children are poor unfortunate victims" I hear a extra "You're lonely".
This is NOT on the Ryko CD but I hear it faintly on my old Verve LP's and on the Lumpy Money CD1 mono version.

Take your clothes of when you dance:

After the line "Wah wah wah wah" on the 1986 remix there are two lines of "la la la la la ..." etc. On the Ryko CD and my LP's instead of the 2nd "la la la ..." line there is a guitar riff. You can also hear this on the Lumpy Money CD 1 and 2.
And after the "Diddle little lee" it's the same.
On the Money Outtakes before the 2nd "Wah wah wah wah" you hear the guitar riff and the "la la la ..." together.

And this is the censorship on my CD’s and LP’s.

Hasi reported his findings

nc = not censored/ c = censored/ - = not applicable

WOIIFTM  A.1 A.2 A3 B.1 B.2 B.3 B.4 C D
CD ZAP 13 and RCD 40024 (woiiftm/LG twofer) CD nc nc nc nc nc nc nc C1 D1
Old Masters LP nc nc nc nc nc nc nc C1 D1
Lumpy Money CD2 nc nc nc nc nc nc nc C1 D1
normal censored
US V6 5045X MGS 1250 REV-F (reissue) LP c c c nc nc nc nc C1 D3
Taiwan First fl 1592 LP REV-F LP c c c nc nc nc nc C1 D3
White Label Verve/MGM - (V6 5045 / MGS 1250, REV-F) LP c c c nc nc nc nc C1 D3
Black Label Verve SMV 1115 Japan LP c c c nc nc nc nc C1 D3
Yellow Label Mono Promo Verve/MGM - (V 5045 / MG 1250 REV-F) LP c c c nc nc nc nc C1 D3
Lumpy Money CD1 mono version c c c nc nc nc nc C1 D3
UK Verve Select 2317-034 (reissue) LP c c c nc nc nc nc C1 D3
US Ryko Ralp10503 1995 LP c c c nc nc nc nc C1 D3
Rykodisk RCD 10503 CD (from Threesome) c c c nc nc nc nc C1 D3
heavily censored
US V6 5045X (MGS 1250) REV (blue label) LP c c c c c c c C2 D2
German Verve 710012 LP c c c c c c c C2 D2
UK mono VLP 9199 V 5045 A/B c c c c c c c C2 D2
hybrid vinyl
Canadian V6 5045 LP V6-5045 S1-S2 c c c nc nc nc nc C2 D1
US side 1 REV F (normal)/side 2 REV(heavily) (*) c c c nc nc nc c C1 D3
UK Verve re-issue 2317-034 matrix# 2317034 A//1 ∇ 420 115 (*) c c c nc nc nc c C2 D3
Mothersday German Metro 2626002 c - - - - - c - D2
The @#$% of the mothers German Verve 710 022 - - - - - - - - D3
Superstarshine 13 Dutch Metro 2356 090 - - - c - - - - D2
Pregnant German Metro 2356 049 - c - c - - - - -
Pop History Vol. 7 German Polydor 2625 012 - - - c c - - - -
Transparancy UK Verve 2352 057 (^) - - - c c c - - D2
Worst of the Mothers French MGM 2353 026 GU - c - - - - - - -
PopHistory Mothers & Velvet Underground German - - - c c - - - -
Pop Giants Vol.27, Brunswick 2911537, Germany - - c c - - - - D2
Pop History Vol.14, Polydor 2335054/55, Espania - - c c c c - - D2
Dolf Hartman präsentiert.., Verve 2304164, Germany c c - - - - - C2 -
The Worst of..., MGM SE 4754, Canada-Promo - c - - - - - - -
The Worst of..., MGM SE 4754, USA - c - - - - - - -
The @#$% of..., Verve V6 5074X, USA-Promo + normal - - - - - - - - D3
Pregnant, Verve 2304072, Colombia (A3: "Who Needs..." fades out after "crabs") - c c c - - - - -
The MOI, MGM GAS 112, USA-Promo + normal: A2*: Mother People starts *late* with: "Lemme take a minute..." - c c nc nc nc - - D3
CD sampler FZ & The MOI, CD 50573, Espania - c - - nc nc - - -

(*) as reported on the alt.fan.frank.zappa newsgroup

(^) All my (European) compilations (except The %$#@ of the mothers) used the "heavily censored" edits.
Question: Do compilations (Verve MGM Polydor) exist that have "normal censored" edits?
To me it seems that Polydor Europe only had the "heavily censored" version at hand. So they couldn't have issued "normal censored" edits.
The only "normal censored" Europe version I know of is the UK re-issue.

(#) I'm pretty sure all "heavily censored" vinyl versions have the shortened Velvet line
because all my "heavily censored" versions (UK, US and German 2x) have the Velvet Line without the "shitty" thing.
I checked this with several Zappa collectors and they all confirmed this.
Question: Do "heavily censored" versions exist that have the Velvet line completely cut?

Question: Why did the WOIIFTM/Lumpy Gravy 1985 CD have the Hot Poop version with the backwards Mother People verse while it was not cencored on the CD?

Question: If Frank did the original censoring himself and completely cut the Velvet line on the original mastertapes (mono and stereo), where did the Velvet line come from on the heavily censored (for example UK mono and German stereo) and the Candadian version? 
I mean MGM/Verve couldn't add something that wasn't there.